Visit one of the newest museums on the Grand Strand. Opened in 2013, the NMB Museum invites you to step back in time…and onto the dance floor. With a juke box full of beach music and a place to show off your moves, the museum has a big exhibit about Shagging, the South Carolina state dance, which got its start right here in NMB.

While you’re there, marvel at the gigantic aerial photos by Jack Thompson of our coast before and after Hurricane Hazel (1954), the storm that changed the beach and beach life forever.

The museum’s collection includes images of the historically black Atlantic Beach. You’ll find something to evoke fond memories of summer at the beach in every nook and cranny of the museum, and do not miss the notable collection of “bet you didn’t know” video footage—interviews with locals as they reminisce about life in this corner of the state.

799 2nd Avenue North
North Myrtle Beach, SC
10-4, Monday-Saturday, 12-4 Sunday
(843) 427-7668