When you think South Carolina, you don’t usually think oranges, lemons and limes. Think again! Christopher Columbus introduced citrus fruit species to this area in the early 1500s.

Meet Stan McKenzie, plantsman. Stroll through his grove of Satsuma orange trees planted in the ground. You can start your own fruit collection from among the rare and unusual citrus varieties for sale as well as guava, fig, pomegranate trees. You can even find some unusual palm trees or eucalyptus.

McKenzie Farms and Nursery has been producing vegetables and other food crops for more than 50 years. Year round, you can find something delicious to eat, whether it’s watermelons, squash, sweet potatoes, cabbage, collard greens or more during winter.

Keep an eye out for Cletus McKenzie, the family dog who also serves as Head of Security for the business!

2115 Olanta Hwy
Scranton, SC
(843) 389-4831