Located on the bluffs of Black Creek, Kalmia Gardens is on the site of the early 19th-century plantation of Capt. E. Hart for whom Hartsville is named.

The walking trails take you down the 60-ft drop to the banks of the Black Creek, and boardwalks allow you to explore a blackwater swamp, laurel thickets and pine, oak and holly upland.

Planting of azaleas, camellias and other ornamentals enhance the natural beauty created by the variety of native plants found in the garden maintained by Coker College.

The Segars-McKinnon Preserve bordering to the north of the gardens allows for an extension of the boardwalk into a densely wooded area in its natural state.

1624 West Carolina Avenue
Hartsville, SC 29550
(843) 383-8149
Open During Daylight